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Posted in Web Development on Jun 04 2016
Several months ago I wrote an article on How to create a Simple Like System For Laravel . In the comment of this article, a cool guy asked me about using a "Many to Many Polymorphic Relationship" for this "Like" logic. I found...
Posted in Music on May 29 2016
Things to remember: Every song has a structure of 16 or 32 beats Once your first song hits a change in its structure, you can start the second song at a specific point (with its volume down a bit so it's not to disturbing)
Posted in Music on May 25 2016
The tell of a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and growth.
Posted in Domotic on Apr 26 2016
So if you have a LED that should be powered by 3.2v and 0.024 amps, and a 9v battery, the calculation should be: (9 - 3.2) / 0.024 And that gives you 240 ohms Bonus : Watts Calculation If you want to calculate the watts  of...
Posted in Web Development on Apr 25 2016
In AngularJS there one thing that you cannot do properly: Call a controller's method from another controller. In order to do that you must use $broadcast() and $watch() in both controllers. In my opinion, you should avoid using all these $ methods f...