Posted in Music on May 29 2016
Things to remember: Every song has a structure of 16 or 32 beats Once your first song hits a change in its structure, you can start the second song at a specific point (with its volume down a bit so it's not to disturbing)
Posted in Music on May 25 2016
The tell of a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and growth.
Posted in Personnal, Music on Jan 29 2016
I've always wanted to store somewhere a compilation of all quotes, speeches and poems that I'm inspired by. It seems that this blog is the perfect spot. So I'll start a series of articles under a new category : Life Lessons. Feel free to be inspir...
Posted in Music on Jul 13 2015
Cette semaine est sorti le nouveau clip de BRNS, dans lequel joue Martin Colet, mon beau-frère ! Son interprétation est totalement géniale et a fait rire toute la famille :) Du coup, je partage un maximum.. Des bises
Posted in Personnal, Music on Nov 10 2014
"C'est tellement plus facile de sourire plutôt que d'être heureux"