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This is my personal, home-made web radio.

It's basically an audio stream of all my audio library on the web. The Raspberry Pi is playing all songs randomly, all day long. It only stops from 3 am to 6 am, in order to update the playlist with new songs I've added.

There are approximately 10.000 different songs, and I add more almost everyday.

The original stream url can be found here :

I don't make any money with that radio, this is just for fun, to share with friends and music lovers like you :)

The Music Visualizer that you see below and also here is provided by

If you like this radio, then I love you too ! Don't hesitate to comment in the section below, and if you want to add songs to the playlist, just tell me in the comments !


Clément Rigo

AKA "Mydnic"

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