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Startup, Bulma CSS, VueJS, Laravel

Low Costing Moving Agency

Demizi is a SPA website built in VueJS and Laravel. There's a pretty complex implementation of VueX to manage and complete the client's order from the beginning to the end. Payment is handled by Stripe.



Personnal Project, Laravel, VueJS

Create Private and Paid Chatgroup In a few seconds

Exclusive Chat Groups with paid membership is becoming a new trend. Chatgroup.io is a platform I built to automatically register a Slack Channel or a Discord Server and make it private.

With Stripe Connect you can setup your monthly subscription in a few seconds, then your clients can subscribe through to your chatgroup.



Personnal Project, VueJS, Laravel


After I worked heavily on the super cool webpage for my own webradio, I thought it would be nice to make a SaaS from that kind of service. With Webradio.io you can register your webradio in a few seconds and create a unique page with a custom design and awesome audio vizualizer animations. A lot of javascript was required to build such animation, but it was worth it!

The SaaS part is build in Laravel with Cashier and Stripe


Personal Dashboard

Laravel, TailwindCSS, VueJS, Personnal Project

A personal dashboard website I use to display some useful data

In several years I have built many different scripts to automate and help me do some personal / life stuff. In order to gather all of those script into a single place I built a dashboard website in Laravel and VueJS that I use to display my webradio, games I'm playing, weather, current tasks in my trello project, etc

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