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Laravel, TailwindCSS

Job Board for Kosovo European College

Laravel app



Laravel, Startup, TailwindCSS

Impactful insights for meaningful companies. Meaningful insights for impactful companies.

I'm currently Consultant CTO of kray.eu, a fundraiser company from Paris



Laravel, TailwindCSS, Personnal Project

Find The Best Laravel Packages

Built in Laravel of course, with tailwindcss.

Search engine is based on Algolia



TailwindCSS, Laravel, Personnal Project

This website!

I've rewritten this blog so many times I've forgot how long I've been working on the codebase.

Since I switched to laravel though, design updates where far easier because I wasn't always changing the backend.

Personal Dashboard

Laravel, TailwindCSS, VueJS, Personnal Project

A personal dashboard website I use to display some useful data

In several years I have built many different scripts to automate and help me do some personal / life stuff. In order to gather all of those script into a single place I built a dashboard website in Laravel and VueJS that I use to display my webradio, games I'm playing, weather, current tasks in my trello project, etc

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