Hello, I'm Clément

Freelance Consultant CTO

Both with passion and time, I learned the tricks of Web Development as a self made man, going from project to project, sometimes as a developer, sometimes as a Project Manager. Through wonderful and unexpected experiences, I learned and grew up along with internet bubble challenges. By mixing my skills in web development, social communication, production management and business development, my focus can go from the smallest details to the whole company's technological flow. For each of my assignments, I set to myself the ultimate objective to deliver a smooth combination of sensitive and innovative work.

Clément Rigo

About this website

This is my blog and I use for two things: talk about things I love and write down other things I don't want to ever forget. It's like a big note book for me where I always come back to find the solutions of my past-self problems

About me

I live in Brussels (Belgium), and I am a freelance IT Consultant. I help big and small businesses to launch their website, product and other digital projects. My main focus is to guide Startups with their digital needs.

My roles include:

  • Web Developer (VueJS, Laravel PHP)
  • Digital Business Analyst
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Leader
  • CTO
  • Coach & Trainer

Co-Founder and CTO of several Digital Startups, I'm used to work on very different projects and businesses. I'm a self-taught Web Developper and Web Production manager / Technical Director.

My main goal is to open myself to new business opportunities, both with technical expertise and a business oriented vision.


By working with a large network of entrepreneurs and money raising startups, I analyze, report, build and optimize your ideas and products to help you reach high quality standards.

If you want to contact me for a job please send me an email at [email protected]


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