The Vagrant Setup File You Were Looking For

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The Vagrant Setup File You Were Looking For

Several weeks ago, I started to use vagrant in order to work on my Laravel Projects. The purpose was to avoid wamp bugs, and mostly avoid having to run Server Side technologies on a windows OS...

Now, if the setup of the Vagrant software is straightforward, you will probably lose a lot of time to configure the VM itself, once it's up.

Of course if you are using Laravel Homestead, you won't need to even read this article :D But if for some reason you prefer the classic way of using vagrant, then you will need a nice installation file.

So this shell file will install and setup the Linux installation for you automatically, and everything will be ready. You won't even have to ssh into the machine (except if you encounter some issues)!

Here's the gist (forked and edited from :

When installation is completed, you can visit :

Website: http://localhost:4567/

PhpMyadmin: http://localhost:4568/

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