Wamp problems on Windows 10

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Wamp problems on Windows 10

After upgrading to the very nice Windows 10, you might experience some problem regarding WAMP Server.

For my part, I got a lot of troubles trying to starting wamp. The little icon in the taskbar wouldn't go green ...

Also, when I performed a fresh installation, I got weird messages saying MSVCR100.dll was missing. And MySQL server wouldn't start.

So I spotted two errors that needed to be handled separately:

Problem Starting MySQL

You can check this by clicking the wamp icon, then -> MySQL -> Service and you will see it's not running.

Well this error can be solved (at least for me) by completely uninstall WAMP, and install the 32bit version of the software even if you are running on a 64bit Windows.

First problem solved!

Problem with missing dll file

For that part, you just have to click this link and download and install the program : http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679

Be sure to choose the 32bit version even if you are running on a 64bit Windows.

By solving these, I was finally able to run wamp! Yay :)

Enjoy coding!

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