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Posted in Web Development on Mar 18 2015
I know it's been only a few weeks that L5 is out, but still. Even with Laravel 4, I couldn't find any good package that made search queries easier. I'm showing this package to you and I didn't even installed it yet on this Website. Lol. Don't ju...
Posted in Web Development on Mar 18 2015
Because. That's why. Now go, young apprentice : http://www.sublimetext.com
Posted in Web Development on Mar 18 2015
Hey! Looking for a more SEO Friendly way to manage a multilingual application with Laravel5 ? Check this tutorial ! Edit: This article have been updated to match Laravel 5.2 architecture. If you ever have worked already with Laravel 5 (if not...
Posted in Personnal, Web Development on Mar 15 2015
Hello guys, I am currently buidling this website using only opensource technologies and tools. This blog is actually an opensource project itself, based on the famous PHP Framework Laravel 5 . The purpose of this project is to provide a full fe...
Posted in Personnal, Web Development, Cinema on Feb 11 2013
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