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Posted in Quotes on Jan 06 2019
When you are afraid to fail, you are afraid of something that did not happen yet. You predict your own failure, and by doing nothing, you eventually fail for real.
Posted in Personnal on Dec 24 2018
This is the first time that I'm writing such an "edito" about analyzing what happened in the past year, and what are the goals for next year. But this is also my first year that I'm fully freelance, and that I started building stuff on my...
Posted in Web Development on Dec 13 2018
Looking for the TOP 10 Most Essential Laravel Nova Packages? Click here! Laravel is a well known PHP Framework, super popular, with thousands of extraordinary features. Each year, Taylor Otwell (the creator of Laravel) releases new tools and p...
Posted in Web Development on Dec 10 2018
First you need to install certbot via their github repository. Next, run this command line in the certbot folder: ./certbot-auto certonly --manual --preferred-challenges dns-01 --email name@email.com --server https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.or...
Posted in Quotes, Personnal on Dec 10 2018
“Before you heal someone, ask them if they're willing to give up the things that make them sick.”