Vagrant - Error when Configuring and Enabling Network Interfaces

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Vagrant - Error when Configuring and Enabling Network Interfaces

This is a weird issue that appeared few weeks ago on my Windows machine, on which I use Virtual Box and Vagrant to run & test Laravel Projects.

When executing "vagrant up" in the Laravel Homestead directory, everything crashes and this is the output:

==> homestead-7: Attempting graceful shutdown of VM...
==> homestead-7: Checking if box 'laravel/homestead' is up to date...
==> homestead-7: Clearing any previously set forwarded ports...
==> homestead-7: Clearing any previously set network interfaces...
==> homestead-7: Preparing network interfaces based on configuration...
    homestead-7: Adapter 1: nat
    homestead-7: Adapter 2: hostonly
==> homestead-7: Forwarding ports...
    homestead-7: 80 (guest) => 8000 (host) (adapter 1)
    homestead-7: 443 (guest) => 44300 (host) (adapter 1)
    homestead-7: 3306 (guest) => 33060 (host) (adapter 1)
    homestead-7: 4040 (guest) => 4040 (host) (adapter 1)
    homestead-7: 5432 (guest) => 54320 (host) (adapter 1)
    homestead-7: 8025 (guest) => 8025 (host) (adapter 1)
    homestead-7: 27017 (guest) => 27017 (host) (adapter 1)
    homestead-7: 22 (guest) => 2222 (host) (adapter 1)
==> homestead-7: Running 'pre-boot' VM customizations...
==> homestead-7: Booting VM...
==> homestead-7: Waiting for machine to boot. This may take a few minutes...
    homestead-7: SSH address:
    homestead-7: SSH username: vagrant
    homestead-7: SSH auth method: private key
==> homestead-7: Machine booted and ready!
==> homestead-7: Checking for guest additions in VM...
==> homestead-7: Setting hostname...
==> homestead-7: Configuring and enabling network interfaces...
The following SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status.
Vagrant assumes that this means the command failed!

/sbin/ifdown 'eth1' || true
/sbin/ip addr flush dev 'eth1'
# Remove any previous network modifications from the interfaces file
sed -e '/^#VAGRANT-BEGIN/,$ d' /etc/network/interfaces > /tmp/vagrant-network-interfaces.pre
sed -ne '/^#VAGRANT-END/,$ p' /etc/network/interfaces | tac | sed -e '/^#VAGRANT-END/,$ d' | tac > /tmp/
cat \
  /tmp/vagrant-network-interfaces.pre \
  /tmp/vagrant-network-entry \
  /tmp/ \
  > /etc/network/interfaces
rm -f /tmp/vagrant-network-interfaces.pre
rm -f /tmp/vagrant-network-entry
rm -f /tmp/

/sbin/ifup 'eth1'

Stdout from the command:

Stderr from the command:

bash: line 5: /sbin/ifdown: No such file or directory
bash: line 19: /sbin/ifup: No such file or directory

It turns out that even the machine did not boot correctly, you can ssh into it!

You can then install the ifupdown package.

vagrant ssh

Then, inside the machine:

sudo apt-get install ifupdown

Now you can exit the machine and reload it:

vagrant reload --provision

Now everything should be okay !


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