Switch Between Projects Like A Pro In Visual Studio Code

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Switch Between Projects Like A Pro In Visual Studio Code

Jungling between projects can sometimes be complicated when you're a developer. Dozens of different IDE windows open, searching in the "Open Recent..." option or even opening the file explorer each time you want to load a different folder into your editor can be time consuming and very annoying.

Back when I was using Sublime Text extensively, I had a super handy plugin allowing me to switch between projects without even touching my mouse.

Now that I've been using VSCode for some time, I started to look to a similar plugin because I'm constantly loading a different project every couple hours for my client.

After testing a few solution I found Project Manager, a VSCode extension allowing you to switch between project very easily.

Once installed (simply look for "Project Manager" into the extension marketplace and click install), you'll be able to index your projects into Project Manager list.

To do so, simply hit CTRL+SHIFT+P (Command + Shift + P on mac) and look for "Project Manager: Save Project". Enter the name of the project you currently have loaded into VSCode and hit enter. The name you define will be the one you will have to type to search. Usually I just have the same name as the git repository name.

After you registered several projects, you can switch between those by hitting (ALT+SHIFT+P) (Command + Option + P on mac) then type the name of the project and hit enter.


Hope it will save you some time!


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