Super Easy Way to Gather Visitors Feedback With Laravel

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Super Easy Way to Gather Visitors Feedback With Laravel

As you surely know, tons of website today features a floating bubble, often in the bottom right of your screen, that you can click to talk with the website administrator.

On other websites, you can't really talk to them, but you can send them messages, feedbacks, if you have suggestions about their website.

In reality there are sooooo many tools and plugins that you can install, and each of them are really good, but also not cheap.

So what is the open source alternative ? Well, there is none...

That's why I build Laravel-Kustomer ! It's a full fledge Feedback Component popup that you can install in your Laravel Application.

Once installed, you'll see this:



In the package configuration file, you will be able to change all the images and icons that are used in the component. You can update the logo, the icons in the bubble, etc.

Also, you can update all the label and texts displayed in the popup.

Colors are configurable as well!

And the most important, you can select and override the feedback questions available for your visitors.


If you set the screenshot config key to true, a screenshot of the page will be taken and uploaded to your server. That will help you understand what the user saw on your website when he sent his feedback.

Laravel Nova

YES! There is a Nova Package for it !

You can try it out now, for free (of course it's open source), and share your thoughts about the package!

Next Steps

I'm planning to make a Live Chat feature to really bring the features from intercom, crisp, etc.

Any help will be appreciated !


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