Small tips to improve the marketing side of your SaaS website

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Small tips to improve the marketing side of your SaaS website

You've finished building the next big SaaS and you want now to pimp your homepage to make it more attractive ? You're in the right place.

Here's a few things you can do:

Email database

A good way to get your hand on a new customer is to get his basic contact information: his email address. When a visitor arrives on your website, even if he's not ready to subscribe yet, there's a good chance he'll subscribe to your newsletter list if he's a little bit interested.

So the first thing you can do is to add a simple input field on your home page where users can enter their email address. Use that list to send product update from time to time, along with a special coupon for newsletter subscribers.

Clean homepage

For one to be successful, one need a super fast and clean website, with a lot of traffic! πŸš€

Update the layout / structure a bit and focused on the website goal: increase your customer database.

For example, ugly website but it focusses on story telling in first lines, place ad, leave email. Working without header and footer could work and keep it very clean.

Use a clean design and don't hesitate to use minimal design.

Homepage Structure


  • Searchbar (through your features)
  • Features listing menu


  • What problem you're solving
  • Testimonies
  • CTA


  • Emailcatcher
  • About us
  • Social
  • Statistics
  • Contact
  • Disclaimer / Terms & Conditions

Toolings to implement:

  • Facebook pixel / Google GTM / etc
  • Social Proof / FOMO
  • Browserpush ( alerts for new features )
  • E-mailcatcher when leaving website, share website after subscription

If you want to work with ads

  • Leaderboard Homepage 10 EUR > CPM ( 1000 visitors )
  • Leaderboard Job Page 10 EUR > CPM
  • TextLink feed 10 EUR > CPM
  • Textlink email sponsored by > 500 EUR per Mailing

Boost Marketing:

Betalist / Producthunt / Ship / etc and some facebook ads


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