How To Tweet Automatically Based On A Git Commit Description

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How To Tweet Automatically Based On A Git Commit Description

If you've ever actively worked on a project, shipping new features every month, week or even days, you're probably informing your users about those new features, right?

At least you want to.

Informing your users that a new feature is available is a great marketing information!

So every time you "git commit && git push", you're going on Twitter and inform your followers.

They want to know a new feature is coming. Twitter is great at that.

In seconds, your followers (your consumers) know that you pushed a feature.

Or that you fixed a bug!


Yes, automation becomes important when you loose time doing the same thing constantly.

So how could you gain time here?

You want to somehow link your git activities to your twitter account, right?

What if I told you that you can automatically tweet whatever you put into your commit's description? That's dope!

In one command line, you'll simply push your code and inform your followers, at the same time!

But how ??

The answer is simple: it's called Gitweet!


It's pretty simple: your create your account on gitweet by connecting your github account (simple Github Connect).

You Select the repository that gitweet has to listen to.

Then you link a twitter account to this repository.

It's super cool because you can link different twitter account per repository! Perfect for developpers working on different projects that have different Twitter Accounts.

Now you simply have to put something into the Description of the commit.

You can do that simply by adding a second -m "tweet here" parameter.

It also work with your favorite Git GUI like Github Desktop, SourceTree, etc. Simply write something in the "Description" box of the commit.

Try it out... and let me know in the comments!


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