How MMORPG UI Inspired Me To Create A Job Board Website

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How MMORPG UI Inspired Me To Create A Job Board Website

I used the play a lot of Video Games. I still kinda do, but when I think about it, when I was a teenager, I spent hundreds of hour playing MMORPG's.

Now, I play MMO from time to time, but not very often.

In the first days of conceiving the idea behind I was playing The Elder Scrolls Online, a pretty cool MMO based on The Elder Scrolls lore.

While playing the game and looking for a group to go into a dungeon, I suddenly had a little spark in my mind. Look at the User Interface of the Group Finder tool:

ESO LFG As you see in the small "Roles" section, you have to toggle the roles that you can play in your group.

They are generally three roles in all MMORPGs : Healer, Tank (protector), DPS (deal damage)

And although every MMO has at least 10 different kind of characters, classes and specialisations, every character belongs to one of those 3 roles.


And I was like... damn but that's the same thing for companies and startups ! You can be a print designer, logo designer, a front end developper, back end architect, financial analyst, Project Manager etc. All those "positions" actually belongs to 4 main roles : designer, builder, organizer, seller.

And every company needs to have at least those roles in their team to launch a successful product. In the exact same way every group in a game needs the 3 main roles in order to complete a dungeon.

swtor lfg

Notice how all those different games use the exact same UI? That's because it works!

WoW lfg

In all those game the functionnality is the same: You toggle the roles that you will handle, and click the button to find a group.

Why would be different for working on a product ?

Thus, when I was building that's what I did:

Find a Maker roles

You click to toggle the roles you handle, and it filters all jobs that requires your roles.

In conclusion, yes, video games inspired me to build a feature on a website. A feature that not one job board has ever implemented.

It's totally fine to have a look at different medias to be inspired in terms of features, User Experience, products, etc. Video Games are a good example because they are filled with incredible UI!


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