HCP #2 Access Synology Shared Folders from Raspberry Pi

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HCP #2 Access Synology Shared Folders from Raspberry Pi

If, like me, you own a Synology server and a raspberry pi, and they are both connected to your local network, you might want to find a way to access the Synology shared folders, from your Pi.

Should be easy right ?

Indeed it is, and they are several tutorials on how to do this over the internet. The goal is to mount the NAS folders.

Here is the way that worked fine for me :

First, enable NFS sharing in your Synology settings

On your NAS :

  • Go to Control Panel
  • -> File Services
  • -> NFS Service
  • Enable NFS (no special options needed, just enable it)

Then, create the folder that will receive the content of your shared folder

On your pi :

sudo mkdir /home/pi/shared/myfolder

Finally, mount the distant folder to your new directory

On your pi :

sudo mount -o nolock LOCAL_IP_NAS:/volume1/path_to_folder /home/pi/shared/myfolder/

That's it ! You can now access all your files from your pi, as if they were located on the pi itself :)

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