Building your empire starts with small rocks

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Building your empire starts with small rocks

A ambitious man sees a castle on the horizon. He wants to have a big castle too.

He goes to an old, wise man and tells him, "you see this castle ? I want the same one. I want my own empire".

The wise man thinks for a second and says "What do you see ?". "A beautiful castle", answers the entrepreneur.

The old man takes the hand of the young man and leads him close to the castle. "What do you see now ?" he asks. "A big wall", says the man.

Again, the wise old man leads the young even closer, until his nose almost touch the wall. "What do you see now ?" he asks again. Confused, the ambitious man responds : "A rock".

"Start with that" says the wise man.

Want to build your dream ? Start with small objectives.


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I consider myself as an IT Business Artisan. Or Consultant CTO. I'm a self-taught Web Developper, coach and teacher. My main work is helping and guiding digital startups.

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