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How To Start Meditation - A Guide For Scrum Users

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A good friend came to me the other day and told me he wanted to start meditation. His problem, he said, was that as soon as he's trying to start and to empty his mind, he starts thinking about random stuff. I have the same issue. And I think most...

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Small tips to improve the marketing side of your SaaS website

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You've finished building the next big SaaS and you want now to pimp your homepage to make it more attractive ? You're in the right place. Here's a few things you can do: Email database A good way to get your hand on a new customer is to get hi...

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7 Things That Will Make Your IT Company The Best Workplace, Ever

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Tech companies and startups are poping up at every corner nowadays, and they all try to offer "the best workplace ever" with ping pong tables, free snacks, etc. What it really proves is that it's becoming harder and harder to attract dev...

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I consider myself as an IT Business Artisan. Or Consultant CTO. I'm a self-taught Web Developper, coach and teacher. My main work is helping and guiding digital startups.

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