Being a Laravel Freelancer, Find Clients, Hire Developers

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Being a Laravel Freelancer, Find Clients, Hire Developers

Since 2014 I'm working as a Laravel Freelance. With the help of a good friend and associate, I was able to get two or three long term clients for which I'm working regularly.

Last year I met another Laravel developer who wanted to start as a freelance as well. But he didn't had any clients and had a hard time finding "missions". Fortunately, one of my client needed me to do a huge amount of work on their app and I didn't had enough time to do it all by myself as I'm combining multiple freelance missions. So I thought of my Laravel friend and contacted him to ask his help.

This is where freelancing is incredible. I'm still able to fully bill my client, and to hire someone at the same time. Exactly like a company, that's the whole point of having a VAT number.

With my friend we started to think about this. We thought about the job searching website like Larajobs. If I wasn't friend with Drilon, I would have needed to post a job post on those website, even if the work I wanted to delegate was approximately 2 days of worth of work (~900$). And posting a job post on a well know website costs between 200$ and 300$. That would have been a bad choice...

The solution is then to go on websites like or, but the payment goes through the platform, you can't really keep a long-term relationship with the client, and it's globally a bit weird to work with theses platforms... And none of them is laravel-specific or laravel-community-oriented.

So we imagined an app somewhere in the middle. An app where posting a job post doesn't cost you much. A website where you can hire and be hired at the same time. Where you manage your invoices, your clients and your contractors yourself like any company would. Something really transparent, made for the Laravel Community, easy to use and cheap as hell. A freelance-network-oriented job posting website.

So we made Laralance.

Laralance is the first network-oriented job listing site for Laravel Freelancers.

It's simple: posting a job announcement is free. Instead of paying 300$, you'll pay 7$ for each candidate that applies to your job until you reach your maximum, allowed budget. So you can find a candidate for only 7$, 10 candidates for 70$, 20 for 140$, etc.

You'll be charged at the end of the month.

Easy right ?

The platform really focus on anyone that has a VAT number, it's really a website for freelances and companies.

Laralance is almost ready and we will release it soon. If you are interested, please subscribe to get notify once the site is ready!

Visit and see you soon ;)


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I consider myself as an IT Business Artisan. Or Consultant CTO. I'm a self-taught Web Developper, coach and teacher. My main work is helping and guiding digital startups.

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