Transform your business with automation by following these crucial steps

"Whatever your business is, there is a way to optimize it thanks to technology".

This is something I really believe into.

I've worked with many well-established companies that are expert in their fields, yet didn't know they could optimize their revenue even more and create new business chanels on the web.

Scroll down the page and read about some real life example I encountered.

Use Cases

Changing the Moving Industry with

Bailly Déménagement is the top #1 moving agency in Paris, France. This company exists since ~1960 and is still very active, being the most know moving company in France.

And it's not a super big corporation. I went to their office in Paris, where they store dozens of truck in big hangars.

They are expert in this business, they know everyone and they know every tips and tricks because they have done this work for years.

However, it's very complicated and confusing to book your moving on their website.

Plus, moving with the help of such a company costs a lot of money. It can be very difficult for a young couple to pay this kind of service.

So they asked my help to figure out how they could re-invent their business and optimize their existing business thanks to web technologies.

So I began thinking about how EasyJet or other low-cost airline companies managed to make something expensive (airflights) into something affordable for anyone.

In the moving business, this is a trend that we were able to identify as well. Many very-small companies and sometimes freelances work as a tiny-moving company with only one truck and a lot of word-of-mouth.

Thus we were able to validate the need. People are willing to pay money to companies to handle their moving for them.

And that's how I imagined, an advanced web application allowing you to book your moving online at a very low cost. You can control every cent you spent by choosing the volume to handle and the dates of the moving. Exactly like low-cost airlines companies do.


What Did We Learn?

We can easily identify the crucial steps to figure out how you can optimize your own business:

#1 What costs you the most?

What's the one thing that cost you the more money? Is it bad time management, advertising cost, staff?

#2 What is your number one struggle?

Not only should identify where you lose money, you should also spot the things that you absolutely hate to do, or where you simply have a bad time with. Those things (eg. accounting, calling clients, calendar management) will be a good start to brainstorm about new ideas and new solutions to help you gain time.

#3 Make sure your market is still valid

Seems obvious, but still very important. Look at the case of - we noticed a new trend in the moving business: tiny, low-cost moving companies. That's a market to target!

#4 Take advices from an IT expert

You can't possibly know every tips and tricks of web technologies and digital trends if you're too busy running your business.

So hire a consultant, tell them about the last three points I just mentioned, and brainstorm together on new business oportunities for your company.

The possibilities to earn more money are infinite when we begin working in web technologies. You can:

  • Optimize existing process with programming - good bye human errors and losing time
  • Create new sales funnel with simple SEO web pages
  • Accept payment online that only takes a few seconds for your visitors
  • Manage your entire business from your phone while you are traveling the world

Don't lose time anymore!

You can contact me at rigoclement[at] and start working on the IT side of your business!

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