About The Website

This is my blog and I use for two things: talk about things I love and write down other things I don't want to ever forget. It's like a big note book for me where I always come back to find the solutions of my past-self problems πŸ˜„

About Me

My name is ClΓ©ment Rigo, I live in Brussels (Belgium), and I am a freelance IT Consultant. I help big and small businesses to launch their website, product and other digital projects. My main focus is to guide Startups with their digital needs.

My roles include:

  • Web Developer (VueJS, Laravel PHP)
  • Digital Business Analyst
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Leader

Co-Founder and CTO of several Digital Startups, I'm used to work on very different projects and businesses. I'm a self-taught Web Developper and Web Production manager / Technical Director.

My main goal is to open myself to new business opportunities, both with technical expertise and a business oriented vision.


By working with a large network of entrepreneurs and money raising startups, I analyze, report, build and optimize your ideas and products to help you reach high quality standards.

If you want to contact me for a job please send me an email at [email protected]

Yep that's me.. Already coding some website in t-shirt at 10.