About The Website

You probably think "This website is kinda weird... there are articles about web development, cinema, cooking, philosophy, personal thoughts... in two languages!"

Well, yeah. This is my blog and I use for two things: talk about things I love and write down other things I don't want to ever forget.

There are many different kinds of articles here. If you are looking for something in particular, use the category dropdown in the menu. Otherwise, you can see this website as a friend, learn from it and communicate with it.

About Me

My name is Clément Rigo, I live in Brussels (Belgium), and I am currently an IT Consultant. My roles include:

  • Senior Web Developer (VueJS, Laravel)
  • Business Analyst (defining requirements and specifications for High Level Projects)
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Technical leader and adviser

Ex Co-Founder and CTO of a B2B Digital Startup, I'm used to work on very different projects. I'm a self-taught Web Developper and Web Production manager / Technical Director.

My main goal is to open myself to new business opportunities, both with technical expertise and a business oriented vision.

I run a small freelance business called "My Dynamic Production" which is the long version of my internet-name "Mydnic" :)

If you want to contact me for a job please send me an email on rigoclement@mydnic.be

Yep that's me.. Already coding some website in t-shirt at 10.