Laravel Nova Is Expensive

Laravel Nova Is Expensive

Jul 27 2018, 10:35 in Web Development

As Laravel Nova was just unveiled, it's becoming clear that Laravel LLC, the company behind our beloved framework, is becoming the Apple of PHP Frameworks.

Nova is a fully customizable Admin Panel for any laravel application. The amount of customization and features is insane.

And it's inarguably why it costs $99. Per site!


If I run 5 websites I would have to pay ~$500 for this composer package. That's a lot for personal projects.

Of course if you are a freelance or a company, it's not that much, and you'll probably bill that back to your client.

With Forge, Envoyer, Spark and Patreon, Laravel LLC is already making millions. When you run that kind of company it's clear that you will constantly looking to increase your income so you can grow. That's the core of capitalist, american companies. And frankly, that's ok.

IMO, I would prefer to pay $300 for a lifetime, multi-site license.

I don't think that $99 is too much, especially when you look at the incredible quality of work behind the product. But i do think that the per-site license is a bit too much. At least for me.

Let's see how it goes in august, when nova will officially be released.


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